Molecules with Biological Interest

From January the 1st, 2016, the former « Groupe d’Etudes des Substances Végétales à Activité Biologique (“Group of Plant Compounds with Biological Activity Studies” GESVAB – EA 3675) » has become the M.I.B. (Molécules d'Intérêt biologique, « Molecules with Biological Interest »), axe of the Enology Research Unit (EA 4577).
The M.I.B. conducts its research activities on the field « Polyphenols and Health » along three main topics :

1. Analysis of grapevine and wine polyphenols
2. Study of these compounds in relation to the defence of grapevine towards diseases
3. Impact of these compounds on Human Health

Multiple epidemiological studies suggest that a moderate consumption of wine (drink rich in polyphenols) could exert protective effects against major pathologies. These studies place the polyphenols in the center of the discussion about the link food-health. In order to better understand the phenolic compounds, and in particulary the stilbenes, we have developed their isolation, identification and the study of their bioavailability as well as some of their biological activities.