Molecules with Biological Interest
Articles 2019

Aja I., Da Costa G., Pedrot E., Iglesias M.L., Palos-Pinto A., Valls J., Chaher N., Begona Ruiz-Larrea M., Merillon J.M., Atmani D., Ignacio Ruiz-Sanz J. and Richard T.
Unusual stilbene glucosides from Vitis vinifera roots.
OENO One 2019, 53, (3), 573-579.

Richard, T.; Petit, E.; Pouységu, L.; Monti, J. P.; Bondon, A.; Sylla, T.; Mérillon, J. M.; Quideau, S.; Da Costa, G.
Impact of polyphenols on receptor–ligand interactions by NMR: the case of neurotensin (NT)–neurotensin receptor fragment (NTS1) complex.
J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 2019.

Fernandez-Cruz, E.; Cerezo, A. B.; Cantos-Villar, E.; Richard, T.; Troncoso, A. M.; Garcia-Parrilla, M. C.
Inhibition of VEGFR-2 Phosphorylation and Effects on Downstream Signaling Pathways in Cultivated Human Endothelial Cells by Stilbenes from Vitis Spp. 
J. Agric. Food. Chem. 2019, 67, 3909-3918.

Gougeon, L.; da Costa, G.; Richard, T.; Guyon, F.
Wine Authenticity by Quantitative 1H NMR Versus Multitechnique Analysis: a Case Study.
Food Analytical Methods 2019, 12, 956–965.

Gabaston, J.; Leborgne, C.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Valls, J.; Palos Pinto, A.; Richard, T.; Cluzet, S.; Mérillon, J. M.
Wood and roots of major grapevine cultivars and rootstocks: A comparative analysis of stilbenes by UHPLC-DAD-MS/MS and NMR.
Phytochem. Anal 2019, 30, 320-331.

Burdziej, A.; Da Costa, G.; Gougeon, L.; Le Mao, I.; Bellée, A.; Corio-Costet, M. F.; Mérillon, J. M.; Richard, T.; Szakiel, A.; Cluzet, S.
Impact of different elicitors on grapevine leaf metabolism monitored by 1H NMR spectroscopy.
Metabolomics 2019, 15.

Azib, L.; Debbache-Benaida, N.; Da Costa, G.; Atmani-Kilani, D.; Saidene, N.; Ayouni, K.; Richard, T.; Atmani, D.
Pistacia lentiscus L. leaves extract and its major phenolic compounds reverse aluminium-induced neurotoxicity in mice.
Ind. Crop. Prod. 2019, 137, 576-584.

Zeng, L.; Pons-Mercadé, P.; Richard, T.; Krisa, S.; Teissèdre, P. L.; Jourdes, M.
Crown procyanidin tetramer: A procyanidin with an unusual cyclic skeleton with a potent protective effect against amyloid-β-induced toxicity
Molecules 2019, 24.

Gammacurta, M.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Winstel, D.; Cretin, B. N.; Sindt, L.; Dubourdieu, D.; Marchal, A
Triterpenoids from quercus petraea: Identification in wines and spirits and sensory assessment.
J. Nat. Prod. 2019, 82, 265-275.

Cretin, B. N.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Dubourdieu, D.; Marchal, A.
Taste-guided isolation of sweet-tasting compounds from grape seeds, structural elucidation and identification in wines.
. Food Chem. 2019, 272, 388-395..

Courtois, A.; Garcia, M.; Krisa, S.; Atgié, C.; Sauvant, P.; Richard, T.; Faure, C.
Encapsulation of ϵ-viniferin in onion-type multi-lamellar liposomes increases its solubility and its photo-stability and decreases its cytotoxicity on Caco-2 intestinal cells.
Food and Function 2019, 10, 2573-2582.

Burdziej, A.; Pączkowski, C.; Destrac-Irvine, A.; Richard, T.; Cluzet, S.; Szakiel, A.
Triterpenoid profiles of the leaves of wild and domesticated grapevines.
Phytochemistry Letters 2019, 30, 302-308..

Ahmane, N.; Atmani-Kilani, D.; Chaher, N.; Ayouni, K.; Da Costa, G.; Rahmani, M.; Valls, J.; Debbache-Benaida, N.; Richard, T.; Atmani, D.
Identification of bioactive compounds from Fraxinus angustifolia extracts with anti-NADH oxidase activity of bovine milk xanthine oxidoreductase.
Turkish Journal of Biology 2019, 43, 133-147.

Auberon, F.; Olatunji, O. J.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Adekoya, A. E.; Bonté, F.; Mérillon, J.-M.; Lobstein, A.
New glucosyloxybenzyl 2R-benzylmalate derivatives from the undergrounds parts of Arundina graminifolia (Orchidaceae).
Fitoterapia 2019, 135, 33-43.

Hastoy, C.; Cosson, P.; Cavaignac, S.; Boutié, P.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Rolin, D.; Schurdi-Levraud, V,
Deciphering performances of fifteen genotypes of Stevia rebaudiana in southwestern France through dry biomass and steviol glycoside evaluation.
Ind. Crop. Prod. 2019, 128, 607-619.

Wauquier, F.; Mevel, E.; Krisa, S.; Richard, T.; Valls, J.; Hornedo-Ortega, R.; Granel, H.; Boutin-Wittrant, L.; Urban, N.; Berger, J.; Descamps, S.; Guicheux, J.; Vinatier, C. S.; Beck, L.; Meunier, N.; Blot, A.; Wittrant, Y..
Chondroprotective properties of human-enriched serum following polyphenol extract absorption.
Nutrients 2019, 11, (12).

Vaucel, J.; Le Blond du Plouy, N.; Courtois, A.; Bragança, C.; Labadie, M.
Euscorpius flavicaudis sting is not lethal but not harmless either: First record of neurological symptoms in child after sting.
Toxicologie Analytique et Clinique 2019.

Prodhomme, D.; Valls Fonayet, J.; Hévin, C.; Franc, C.; Hilbert, G.; Revel, G.; Richard, T.; Ollat, N.; Cookson, S. J.
Metabolite profiling during graft union formation reveals the reprogramming of primary metabolism and the induction of stilbene synthesis at the graft interface in grapevine.
BMC Plant Biology 2019, 19, (1), 599.

Mokrani, A.; Cluzet, S.; Madani, K.; Pakina, E.; Gadzhikurbanov, A.; Mesnil, M.; Monvoisin, A.; Richard, T.
HPLC-DAD-MS/MS profiling of phenolics from different varieties of peach leaves and evaluation of their antioxidant activity.
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 2019, 445, 116192.

Medrano-Padial, C.; Puerto, M.; Moreno, F. J.; Richard, T.; Cantos-Villar, E.; Pichardo, S.
In vitro toxicity assessment of stilbene extract for its potential use as antioxidant in the wine industry.
Antioxidants 2019, 8, (10).

Labadie, M.; Rebouissoux, L.; Viala, J.; Nisse, P.; Vodovar, D.; Courtois, A.; Gallart, J. C.; Glaizal, M.; Denoyelle, F.; Franchitto, N.; Manel, J.; Lamireau, T.; Puskarczyk, E.
Regarding pH-neutralizing esophageal irrigations as a novel mitigation strategy for button battery injury.
Laryngoscope 2019, 129, (4), E123-E124.

Gougeon, L.; da Costa, G.; Guyon, F.; Richard, T.
1H NMR metabolomics applied to Bordeaux red wines.
Food Chemistry 2019, 301, 125257

Cookson, S. J.; Prodhomme, D.; Chambaud, C.; Hévin, C.; Valls Fonayet, J.; Hilbert, G.; Trossat-Magnin, C.; Richard, T.; Bortolami, G.; Gambetta, G. A.; Brocard, L.; Ollat, N.
Understanding scion-rootstock interactions at the graft interface of grapevine.
Acta Horticulturae 2019, 1248, 369-373.

Chaïb, A.; Philippe, C.; Jaomanjaka, F.; Claisse, O.; Jourdes, M.; Lucas, P.; Cluzet, S.; Le Marrec, C.
Lysogeny in the lactic acid bacterium Oenococcus oeni is responsible for modified colony morphology on red grape juice agar.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2019, 85, (19).

M de Pablos R.; Espinosa-Oliva A.M.; Hornedo-Ortega R.; Cano M, Arguelles S.
Hydroxytyrosol protects from aging process via AMPK and autophagy; a review of its effects in cancer, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, immune-mediated and neurodegenerative diseases.
Pharmacological Research. 2019, 143,58-72.

Cerezo A.B.; Labrador M.; Gutiérrez A.; Hornedo-Ortega R.; Troncoso A.M.; Garcia-Parrilla M.C.
Anti-VEGF signalling mechanism in HUVECs by melatonin, serotonin, hydroxytyrosol and other bioactive compounds.
Nutrients. 2019, 11(10), 2421.

Gallardo-Fernández M.; Hornedo-Ortega R.; Cerezo A.B.; Troncoso A.M.; García-Parrilla M.C.
Melatonin, protocatechuic acid and hydroxytyrosol effects on vitagenes system against alpha-synuclein toxicity.
Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2019, 134,110817.

Gallardo-Fernández M.; Hornedo-Ortega R.; Alonso-Bellido I.M.; Rodríguez-Gómez J.A.; Troncoso A.M.; García-Parrilla M.C.; Venero J.L.; Espinosa-Oliva A.M.; de Pablos R.M.
Hydroxytyrosol Decreases LPS- and α-Synuclein- Induced Microglial Activation In Vitro.
Antioxidants. MPDI. 2019, 9-36.