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Molecules with Biological Interest
Articles 2019

Richard, T.; Petit, E.; Pouységu, L.; Monti, J. P.; Bondon, A.; Sylla, T.; Mérillon, J. M.; Quideau, S.; Da Costa, G.
Impact of polyphenols on receptor–ligand interactions by NMR: the case of neurotensin (NT)–neurotensin receptor fragment (NTS1) complex.
J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 2019.

Fernandez-Cruz, E.; Cerezo, A. B.; Cantos-Villar, E.; Richard, T.; Troncoso, A. M.; Garcia-Parrilla, M. C.
Inhibition of VEGFR-2 Phosphorylation and Effects on Downstream Signaling Pathways in Cultivated Human Endothelial Cells by Stilbenes from Vitis Spp. 
J. Agric. Food. Chem. 2019, 67, 3909-3918.

Gougeon, L.; da Costa, G.; Richard, T.; Guyon, F.
Wine Authenticity by Quantitative 1H NMR Versus Multitechnique Analysis: a Case Study.
Food Analytical Methods 2019, 12, 956–965.

Gabaston, J.; Leborgne, C.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Valls, J.; Palos Pinto, A.; Richard, T.; Cluzet, S.; Mérillon, J. M.
Wood and roots of major grapevine cultivars and rootstocks: A comparative analysis of stilbenes by UHPLC-DAD-MS/MS and NMR.
Phytochem. Anal 2019, 30, 320-331.

Burdziej, A.; Da Costa, G.; Gougeon, L.; Le Mao, I.; Bellée, A.; Corio-Costet, M. F.; Mérillon, J. M.; Richard, T.; Szakiel, A.; Cluzet, S.
Impact of different elicitors on grapevine leaf metabolism monitored by 1H NMR spectroscopy.
Metabolomics 2019, 15.

Azib, L.; Debbache-Benaida, N.; Da Costa, G.; Atmani-Kilani, D.; Saidene, N.; Ayouni, K.; Richard, T.; Atmani, D.
Pistacia lentiscus L. leaves extract and its major phenolic compounds reverse aluminium-induced neurotoxicity in mice.
Ind. Crop. Prod. 2019, 137, 576-584.

Zeng, L.; Pons-Mercadé, P.; Richard, T.; Krisa, S.; Teissèdre, P. L.; Jourdes, M.
Crown procyanidin tetramer: A procyanidin with an unusual cyclic skeleton with a potent protective effect against amyloid-β-induced toxicity
Molecules 2019, 24.

Gammacurta, M.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Winstel, D.; Cretin, B. N.; Sindt, L.; Dubourdieu, D.; Marchal, A
Triterpenoids from quercus petraea: Identification in wines and spirits and sensory assessment.
J. Nat. Prod. 2019, 82, 265-275.

Cretin, B. N.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Dubourdieu, D.; Marchal, A.
Taste-guided isolation of sweet-tasting compounds from grape seeds, structural elucidation and identification in wines.
. Food Chem. 2019, 272, 388-395..

Courtois, A.; Garcia, M.; Krisa, S.; Atgié, C.; Sauvant, P.; Richard, T.; Faure, C.
Encapsulation of ϵ-viniferin in onion-type multi-lamellar liposomes increases its solubility and its photo-stability and decreases its cytotoxicity on Caco-2 intestinal cells.
Food and Function 2019, 10, 2573-2582.

Burdziej, A.; Pączkowski, C.; Destrac-Irvine, A.; Richard, T.; Cluzet, S.; Szakiel, A.
Triterpenoid profiles of the leaves of wild and domesticated grapevines.
Phytochemistry Letters 2019, 30, 302-308..

Ahmane, N.; Atmani-Kilani, D.; Chaher, N.; Ayouni, K.; Da Costa, G.; Rahmani, M.; Valls, J.; Debbache-Benaida, N.; Richard, T.; Atmani, D.
Identification of bioactive compounds from Fraxinus angustifolia extracts with anti-NADH oxidase activity of bovine milk xanthine oxidoreductase.
Turkish Journal of Biology 2019, 43, 133-147.

Auberon, F.; Olatunji, O. J.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Adekoya, A. E.; Bonté, F.; Mérillon, J.-M.; Lobstein, A.
New glucosyloxybenzyl 2R-benzylmalate derivatives from the undergrounds parts of Arundina graminifolia (Orchidaceae).
Fitoterapia 2019, 135, 33-43.

Hastoy, C.; Cosson, P.; Cavaignac, S.; Boutié, P.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Rolin, D.; Schurdi-Levraud, V,
Deciphering performances of fifteen genotypes of Stevia rebaudiana in southwestern France through dry biomass and steviol glycoside evaluation.
Ind. Crop. Prod. 2019, 128, 607-619.